6-1 Turbo Manifold Collector ( 1.25" Sch 10 304ss )



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Detroit Drifting Co. turbo manifold merge collectors are designed with the best exhaust flow and ease of use in mind. 

Each runner of our collectors are cut on a jig and sanded flat to ensure consistent fit up and geometry. Each runner's inlet is then chamfered on a lathe to ensure a concentric and consistent bevel. All pipes are brushed on a wire wheel, prepped, and tacked together. This provides a ready to weld solution for the DIY fabricator looking to make their own custom manifold.

We can take this a few steps further by providing milling service to the collector outlet, ensuring a perfectly flat mating surface when installing your turbine flange.

Furthermore, we can also install the turbine flange of your choice and finish weld the entire assembly for a truly drop-in solution. Click HERE for a product listing including these services.

Collector Layout

Cylinders: 6

Type: 6 into 1 (non-divided, single scroll)

Material: 1 1/4" Schedule 10 304 Stainless Steel Pipe

Geometry: 30* spread between halves, 13* from center

Total Height (milled - approx): 93mm

Opening (milled - approx): 65mmx53mm


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6-1 Turbo Manifold Collector ( 1.25" Sch 10 304ss )

6-1 Turbo Manifold Collector ( 1.25" Sch 10 304ss )

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